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Always young

Togliatti has always been a young city. Even today, 270 years later after the foundation it's not an ancient, becoming older and older city. It is always young and seems have the best future. These words have a real confirmation, but to predict the city's future we need to remember its past. The fact that the emperor Peter the first noticed the most splendid and the most beautiful of the river Volga surroundings, where the city Zhigulevsk is now, proves that Togliatti will be exclusive city. Later the empress Anna loanovna signed the order to build a settlement which in 1738 was called Stavropol and Ekaterina the Second ordered to create the emblem of the city. So many regal people took part in the city foundation. Vaciliy Nikitich Tatitshev was a real founder and an ideological creator of Stavropol.

It's the greatest city building in Russia. The biggest one but it hasn't got the function of the administrative center. The biggest Hydropower station, car factory, chemical factories which became the base of the city power were built here. All these are situated in the area of the unique place called "Samarskay Luka" (Samara Bend) which is the world nation property. But this contradiction is not strange if we study the history, for a long time Stavropol was a provincial one-storeyed town, living by trade, wood, agriculture and fishing, hit 150 ears ago the town was a climate resort.

People from ll over Russia came here to treat, to breath treating pine air, to drink some «kumis». The abundance of fruits, cheap fish and meat, strawberries and greenness attracted people and moreover great watermelons were grown here. In 1910 the resort. «Lesnoe» was built where there were modern treating methods. Treatment by «kumis» became the main source of the resort prosperity and it was till the World War Second.

The quiet provincial town had the role of the river Volga's Atlantis when the building of the hydro-power station began in 1950. This changed the look of the town, it became the industrial city. It was called Stavropol - on -Volga but soon lost this name. The building of the car factory gave the city special status and special name. Due to constantly improving geographical position Togliatti's potential was in great demand not only by the industry but also by the other different lands of activities. Everything the most progressive and modern constantly appeared in Togliatti, it attracted the attention of the young and strong people who came to its buildings. It's the time today to «gather stones», for the last ten ears of the active industrial activities Togliatti made the big influence on its own natural potential.

The questions of protecting and saving the natural resources have never been so actual. Especially today when the tourist business and industry are developing so fast. Today the people need the most simple and the most important things like healthy climate, clean air and water, forests. In the very beginning of the twentieth century Stavropol was a climate resort, there -were lots of flower-beds, fountains. Japanese and Turkish ambassadors came here from the abroad and it means Stavropol tourist business could attract the visitors and holiday-makers.

Today we return to our source and it's very important not only use but also save and protect it. The city tourist activity has to do it. All the world lives according to the new standards of the quality. Togliatti has always been the city which met and excepted something new with great enthusiasm, just this ability helped the city to remain young and will help to develop the new business with understanding and realizing got from the past and with the success which accompanies the youth.

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