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History of Togliatti

In 1737, a well-known Russian scientist and traveler, Vasily Tatishev, founded the Stavropol fortress to protect Russia from the raids of Tartars and nomads  and to convert roaming Kalmyks to Christianity.

Today Togliatty is a city of 700 000 inhabitants, a manufacturer of chemical products, and the acknowledged capital of the Russian automotive industry. There are three districts in the city (Avtozavodsky, Central and Komsomolsky), separated from each other by a natural forest track.

By beginning of the 20th century, in the quiet and provincial City of Stavropol, there were only 18 streets and lanes with wooden houses built along them. The streets’ names reflected the life of that time: Trading, Market, Cooper’s and Merchant streets.

The construction of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station started in February 1951, and on December 31, 1955, it produced its first million kilowatt-hours of electric energy. The high dam raised the level of the Volga River by 30 meters. A gigantic water reservoir with a surface of 650 m2 was created. Today, it is one of the most popular places of summer recreation for Togliatti’s citizens and tourists.

Along straight and spacious streets, avenues, and boulevards of the new City of Togliatti, there are multi-story modern buildings surrounded by public gardens, lawns and walks. The new time dictates its own names, such as: Car Manufacturers and New Industrial streets, the boulevard of Cosmonauts, and Seaside street. Some new streets are named with old, almost forgotten, names commemorating the flooded Stavropol: Kalmytskaya and Post Streets.

Today, the City of Togliatti is well-known throughout Russia and abroad for both its automotive industry and chemical production. The glory of Togliatti sportsmen has also crossed the Russian borders. One of the most prominent sportsmen is certainly Alexei Nemov. Other city sports teams representing handball, football, hockey, and motorcar racing also support the image of the city: “Togliatti is the City of Sports”.

Gradually, the City of Togliatti has become the center of the largest motorcar races, and autocross gather thousands of motor sports enthusiasts.

Different tourist events, tourist gatherings, and festivals are also very popular in Togliatti.

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