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Auto VAZ technical museum

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"Technical museum" is a unique Russian museum according to its territory and great variety of exhibits. In 2000 on a lot with total area of 340 000 square meters, portioned by the city authorities, the erection of the pioneering objects, such as - the beautiful modern gate house, locomotive depot decoration in style of the early 20th century started. The exhibition areas were designed and the museum collection formed. In 2001 the grand opening of the museum took place. This museum is traditionally considered as a place, where the rarities are collected. There are so many interesting things here, each of them reminds of the former life and glory. Some exhibits are especially valuable. Such as the steam locomotive, designed in the beginning of the 20 century, the aeronautical engineering collection, airplanes, tanks, antiaircraft emplacements and the spacecraft. Among the rare exhibits, there are German truck "Bussing", American automobile "Studebaker", anchor chains with anchors, bastions cannons, made in the end of the 19th century. There is also the collection of the small exhibits of household appliances and implements. The carting route with the stands, shooting-range with special zones for different kinds of weapon, parachute tower, area for children too play will soon be opened on the territory of the museum and park complex.

Experimental samples of military machinery which are adopted by our army like helicopter Ml-24, remote control aircraft, antiaircraft self-propelles mounting "Shilka", aircrafts MiG-29, Mig-31, battle machine of landing force and others are also exhibited in the museum today. In the year 2003 some samples of space machinery supplemented the collection of Technical Museum. The biggest exhibit is certainly the submarine which is 91m long and 2000t heavy. In the 70-ies it was the newest project of the defence industry. The submarine B-307 has faithfully served our country for 22 years. It was intended to accompany warships and defend the convoy from the surface vessels and submarines of the enemy in the sea and ocean. And it was the most low-noise for its time. It was the member of the North Navy and many times took part in the manoeuvres with live torpedo firing, served in the armed forces in the polar and tropical latitudes. It also took part in the ceremonial parades in Severomorsk and Arkhangelsk passing Severodvinsky fairway which is considered difficult. The submarine was also shooted in the «Osobennosti natsionalnoy rybalki» (National peculiarities of Russian fishing).

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