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Kuybishev's railway museum

Adress: 3, Sportivnaya street, Samara, 443030

Kuybishev's railway museum was opened in 1997. This museum is a scientific centre, which is collecting, saving and introducing the branch developing exhibits purposefully. The work of the museum is directed on the studying of the Kuybishev's railway history, saving the historical and engineering monuments of the railway transport. Kuybishev's railway museum consists of 5 main show-rooms, telling us about the history and the up-to-dateness of the trunk-railway. Every year and every railway development stage are very important for the history of the country! The show-rooms located one after another on an elevated ramp symbolize the railway development. Kuybishev's railway museum is working in 4 main directions: excursions; exhibitions; meetings, lectures, reports; replenishment of the resources.

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