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Repin's museum

Adress: 14, Sovetskaya str, Shiryaevo village, Jigulevsk, Samara region, 443000

The Samara Region Art Museum subsidiary, The Repin's museum is especially popular among tourists. It is situated in Shiryaevo village, in one of the most picturesque places of the Zhiguly Hills located on the Volga Bend on the territory of the National Park "Samarskaya Luka". The most important stage in creative life of the artist is connected with his picture, named "The Barge haulers on the Volga". The strength and scale of it seems to be gifted from The Volga nature. The Repin's Museum, the restored wooden house, is the silent witness of the talented artist success. The house interior is restored, as it was during the painter's life, each thing has its own position. Events which are held here and the traditional annual holiday "The Repin's Birthday" gather a great number of guests from all over Russia and from foreign countries.

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