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The centre of folk art "Sarbaj"

Adress: Kinel-Cherkasskij district, Sarbaj village

The visitors of Sarbay have an exclusive option to manufacture with their own hands bast shoes or straw souvenir in the splint-and-bast wicker-workshop, to convert a glob into original crock or vase or to try hand in painting and embellishing their creation with inimitable pattern. There is also a weaving workshop where you can see old household articles: cradle with baby-doll, featherbed, wooden spinning-wheels and the boast of collection - low warp-loom. You can also take a shot at weaving linen. Even flax for manufacturing souvenirs is cultivated on farmland around the school.

Visiting this unusual Center of folk art gives everybody an option of experiencing Russian culture's originality, touching ancient trades and creating something original. The souvenirs manufactured by skilled local craftsmen or with your own hands will remind of the time spent in the Center and will be wonderful presents to your friends and relatives.

Another sight of Kinel-Cherkassy is the museum of regional history presenting various exhibits the most interesting of which is "Russian Samovar". During the excursion one can retrace the history of this indispensable attribute of Russian life, its development from coal-heated sample to modern electric. You can also admire an astonishing wooden carved samovar. When the excursion is over do taste nosey tea prepared in accordance with old Russian traditions during the tea-party in a cozy tea-house.

In the village Novie Kluchy the entertaining museum "Russian toy" is waiting for tourists. It occupies one room of the village school and offers all kinds of toys, from the smallest to the biggest. The atmosphere of Russian genius is peculiar to this homelike museum. The visit here would certainly be engrossing not only for children but also for grownups. After all, in the depths of our hearts we all stay children even at the age of maturity and remember the favorite toy of our childhood with nostalgia and tenderness. Don't miss your chance to return to springtime for short while and to see the toys popular among young residents of Kinel-Cherkassy in different epochs.

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