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Surroundings of Togliatti

Togliatty has unique geographical situation and historical location. The city, built like a large industrial center, got from Stavropol a dramatic history and direct attitude to the history and natural property. Surroundings of Togliatty — these are perfect beauty and majestic nature of the river Volga, there is a miracle variety of the landscapes: the mountain Zhiguly, steppes, relic forests, water-meadows of Volga. All this let us to go on an amazing trip and the same time to stay near the city. And not without reason the - water route, along the hank of the Samarskaya Luka, is called «Krugosvetka».

National park "Samarskaya Luka" is a main region natural resource. It's equal to the world-famous treasures like the Big Barrier reef in Australia. Samarskaya Luka, made by the rounding of the river Volga and protected by the mountains Zhiguly, is a special place. During millions of years a special microclimate was formed here. There are some ten species of plants which grow nowhere on the Earth hut only here in Samarskaya Luka. Rare animals live here, large colonies of bats live in the galleries left after industrial worlds, the treating springs go from under the ground here. The picturesque mountains Zhiguly have lots of legends, each — having apart of the real region history. Their names prove it in a clear way: Molodetskiy Kurgan, Devia mountain, Popova mountain, mountain Tip-Tyav, mountain Verblud (camel) and even Osh-Pando-Ner. Through the names: Vorovskoy ovrag (burglar ravine), Zmeiniy zaton (snake aerie), Strelnaya mountain we can guess about robbers who gave Samarskaya Luka great hut sometimes even had fame. Strange events attract many UFO-scientists here and those who like to collect inexplicable wonders. Our region is reach in spirit heritage. In Kamennaya Chasha a treating spring of Nikolay Chudotvorets goes under the ground and gives people the hope and the health. There are a lot of other places like those: Podgory, Bolshaya Ryasan with treating water from the spring of Bozhya Mater «Vsetsaritsa».

This is the least part what you can see in Samarskaya Luka. Here is a wonderful village Shyryaevo, very little hut which had the most famous and well-known people of the past and present. In the old days llya Efimovich Kepin made here some drawings of the famous picture «Barge haulers on the Volga» and made lots of the drawings of the Volga hanks. Well-known and famous poet Alexander Ahramov-Shiryaevets was horn in the village Shiryaevo, he was also a close friend of Sergey Esenin.Today there are museums of Repin and Shiryaevets in the village which are open to the visitors and tourists. And president Putin, having visited Shiryaevo, marked the unusual beauty of this place.

Near Togliatty there is a well-known village Tashla where lots of Russian pilgrims go. In the autumn 1917 year Tashla keleynitsa Katya saw 3 times in her dreams the Virgin who pointed her the place where to go and find the Virgin icon. Katya and her friends went to the pointed place and found  the icon of the Virgin "Protecting from desasters" and from that place at the same time a miracle and treating spring started to flow. From all over Russia and even from nearest abroad Ukraine, Byelorussia many pilgrims and ordinary people come here. People from Germany and Baltic come here too. They come here to bow to the Virgin icon, bathe in the saint spring, take the treating water for relatives, bow to the other saint icons kept in the Sviato-Troitskiy temple, visit the graves of the just people — the nun Seraphima, "God's fool" Stepan Nikiphorov, recently dead nun Margarita who is well-known and respected in Samara region.

Different festivals became very popular in Samarskaya Luka and they attract many tourists, travellers from all the country. One of the departments organizing such festivals is spiritual-cultural Kremlin «Bogotyrskaya Sloboda». Many festivals and fairies take place here, attracting people who want to know more about real Russian history, traditions and culture. These festivals are very interesting because of their activities with Russian colour and spirit.

The one of the most interesting villages is Usolye in Shigonsky district of Samara region which has a historical architecture monument of the first part of the 19th century— the country estate of the earls Grigoriy and Vladimir Orlovy-Davidovy.As the director of the Samara Art museum Tatiyana Aleksushina says «among all the country estates built in the beginning of the 19th century that one is the most beautiful and interesting». The village of Usolye was given to brothers Orlovy by the empress Ekaterina the Great in 1767. It became their main residence. That time it was a luxurious country estate with a park and a garden made by French gardener Pompe. It's a pity that today this state is very poor and the tourists' interest have to attract the attention to its guard and its restoration.

Togliatty is a city which has wonderful possibilities for interesting and cognitive tourism. Its surroundings, you know, are not only the nature and Volga hut oho rich spiritual history of Samarskaya Luka, historical and secret paths, cultural and architecture sightseeing. Everyone can chose any trip and any sightseeing.

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