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Welcome to Togliatti!

«On the threshold of Zhiguly misteries»

3 days / 2 nights

The Zhiguli Mountains (or simply Zhiguli) are a range of wooded mountains located in Russia, on the right bank of the Volga River, in the Samara Bend (Samarskaya Luka). This place is considered to be equal to the world-famous treasures like the Big Barrier reef in Australia. Samara Bend, made by the rounding of the river Volga and protected by the mountains Zhiguly, is a special place. During millions of years a special microclimate and the vegetable kingdom - were formed here. At tops, rocks and other rocky exposures of Zhiguli there are the most ancient geological breeds on a surface which have generated 230-350 million years ago in the Permian and Carboniferous periods. The picturesque mountains Zhiguly also have lots of legends and mysteries. Strange events attract many UFO-scientists here and those who like to collect inexplicable wonders.

Besides visiting Samara Bend, we invite you to visit two cities placed nearby and divided by the great river Volga. One, named Zhigulevsk after Zhiguli is situated directly among the mountains. It is known to be green and quiet, very peaceful and beautiful. This city has a special aura. Surronded with Zhiguli mountains it is buried in verdure. Nature gave Zhigulevsk everything to develop tourism. Hear you will find mountains, fresh air, great river, a lot of beautiful unusual places.

The other city named Togliatty is situated across the river Volga. Togliatti is known abroad and in Russia as the capital of local  automobile building industry and the center of machine building industry. It is also interesting with it's history. Togliatti is said to be born three times and its historical past is literally resting on the bottom of the great river, however, population of the city has grown by more than 100 times over the recent hundred years. The city is a powerful industrial center, but it will take long to find more favorable conditions for healthy rest anywhere else in Russia.


Your can start your trip from either Zhigulevsk or Togliatti. Below we suggest you one of the numerous variants of journey along the Samara Bend and Zhiguli mountains.


1st day

Transfer to the hotel.

Excursion about Togliatti.

Perhaps, nowhere in Russia you can find a city where there are so many opportunities to meet mysterious things. This city is not a mixture of concrete, stone and asphalt where nature can hardly find its way. Togliatti is divided into some parts by primeval forest. While going from one district to another it seems that you leave the city. Togliatti is set against the river Volga which is blocked by the giant dam. It has unique geographical situation and historical location. The city, built like a large industrial center, got from Stavropol (the city's original name) a dramatic history and direct attitude to the history and natural property. Togliatti has always been a young city. Even today, 270 years later after the foundation it's not an ancient, becoming older and older city. It is always young and seems have the best future.

Visit to the Auto VAZ technical museum

It is a unique Russian museum according to its territory and great variety of exhibits. This museum is traditionally considered as a place, where the rarities are collected. There are so many interesting things here, each of them reminds of the former life and glory. Some exhibits are especially valuable. Such as the steam locomotive, designed in the beginning of the last century, the aeronautical engineering collection, airplanes, tanks, antiaircraft emplacements and the spacecraft. Among the rare exhibits, there are German truck "Bussing", American automobile "Studebaker", anchor chains with anchors, bastions cannons, made in the end of the 19th century. There is also the collection of the small exhibits of household appliances and implements. The biggest exhibit is certainly the submarine which is 91m long and 2000t heavy. In the 70-ies it was the newest project of the defence industry. The submarine B-307 has faithfully served our country for 22 years.

Visit to the Shooting centre “Lovchiy Plus” (“Huntsman Plus”).

In this place you will have a good chance to practice in pistol and sporting gun shooting. There are 8 shooting areas on the territory of the centre each has 6-8 starting machines for launching targets. The targets fly according to the trajectory alike hare's run or bird's flight. That is why this kind of shooting is called “bloodless hunting”. It is developing very swiftly in Russia. Here you can also play billards or ride a quadrocycle. And in the end of a day rich on impressions you'll be able to relax in sauna.

2nd day


Excursion about Zhigulevsk

Visit to the Zhiguli Hydroelectric Power Station. The construction of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station started in February 1951, and on December 31, 1955, it produced its first million kilowatt-hours of electric energy. The high dam raised the level of the Volga River by 30 meters. A gigantic water reservoir with a surface of 650 m2 was created. You have a unique chance to visit not only the museam of the Power Station, but also the machine hall where water turbines are installed and generator's heel pad shaft.

And afterwards we suggest you to set out on a short hike along the bank of the river Volga, combined with rising to the Bald hill (Lysaya gora) and Stone Goat Hill, where spendid sceneries will open up before your eyes.

3rd day

Excursion to village Shiryaevo and Stone Chalice

There is a wonderful village Shyryaevo in Samara Bend/ In the old days llya Efimovich Repin made here some drawings of the famous picture «Barge haulers on the Volga» and made lots of the drawings of the Volga hanks. Well-known and famous poet Alexander Ahramov-Shiryaevets was horn in the village Shiryaevo, he was also a close friend of Sergey Esenin. Today there are museums of Repin and Shiryaevets in the village which are open to the visitors and tourists. And president Putin, having visited Shiryaevo, marked the unusual beauty of this place.

Stone Chalice is the name of the place in the Jiguli mountains where two revines cross. It looks like a giant chalice surrounded by mountains. There is a consecrated spring in this valley. Its waters are curative. According to the legend these are the tears of Juguli’s Mistress. She is bewailing her loneliness. Bathing in the spring brings health and longevity.

Stone Chalice is considered to be an anomalous place. First mentions of meeting with mysterious things here date to middle ages. Since that times there were so many incidents with UFO observations that statements considering UFO as fiction will make natives laugh as well.

There is another particular quality of Stone Chalice. Staying here even for a short time helps to decline tiredness very effectively.

This program can be changed on your demand. Any type of accomodation is available.

Cruises up and down the Volga are also possible.

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