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What to visit?

Togliatti was a city-phenomenon of its time, and nowadays it is one of few cities, bright and clearly showing passed period of great and major construction projects and what kind of future our contemporaries saw. This future is all Togliatti from its unusual name till its unique architecture and designing having expressed the human aspiration to the light and just "world of the new time". So, what interesting a visitor can see in our city?


Togliatti is not like St. Petersburg, Moscow or Samara where you can find the monuments wherever you give a look. But Togliatti has enough, different by kind, monuments. On the Liberty square there is the oldest monument «To the fighters for peace» where the eternal fire, brought by the armoured troop carrier from the fame obelisk of Samara, was set the 3 November 1978. Here you can see an interesting monument placed in the public garden near the Liberty square - «Nations friendship».This is a beautiful monument of red tuff with the ornamental carving and the ancient symbols. In the central park of rest and culture there is a monument "Sorrowful angel" devoted to the political repression victims. In the L. Yashina street you can find the most popular and famous dog-monument called «Devotion». This monument is like a tribute to the sad story of a dog waiting for so many years for its hosts near this highway and not understanding that they died in a car crash and would never come back. After the dog's death people gathered some money to immortalize in bronze the image of devotion, presented by the Togliatti dog named Konstantin. The most famous monument - monument to the city founder V.N. Tatitshev placed on the quay, monumental equestrian statue made in classic stile by A. Rukovishnicov who is one of the best sculptors in the world. This monument is situated in a very beautiful place at the area of water of the sea and mountains Zhiguli.

Museums, theaters, galleries.

Today Togliatti has 7 culture palaces, more than 10 cinema halls, more than 83 museums, picture gallery, philharmonic society, modern exhibition complex, adults and chudren library system, symphonic orchestra. Three professional skilled theaters work now in Togliatti -state drama theater «Kolesso», municipal doll theater «Piligrim», young spectator theater "Experiment' and moreover Togliatti has lots of studios, youth-theaters having their own spectators. Togliatti's local history museum tells the  visitors the history of our city, art gallery shows the best authors' collections and collections of modem art.


The Sviato-Preobrazhenskiy Temple is one of the most beautiful orthodox temples in Russia. It's a little less than Our Saviour Temple in Moscow. Its glaring cupolas rise above the city and The temple itself, very white and rushed to the heavens like a candle, strikes by its soft and pleasing look.There are lots of other beautiful temples in Togliatti such as wooden The Virgin Temple in the port settlement, the monastery, the Sviato-Tihonovskiy, the Virgin Kasan icon, the church of the Virgin Pocrov, the Saint loane Kranshtadskiy who predicted the Stavropol's flood, visit and admire. So you understand that a skilled guide can offer an experienced visitor the big choice what to see and to visit in Togliatti.

Today Togliatti offers its guests not only new automobiles. Tourist industry of the city offers tourist product of high quality, Togliatti was bom twice and thus has glorious history, quite a lot of sights, interesting tourist routes and even our own city legends. The vicinity of Samarskaya luka attracts travelers from all over the world. And today travel agencies of Togliatti offer its guests and residents the most different tourist routes. Every journey lets not just admire the beauty of nature but turns into a real adventure - unforgettable, educational and useful. The city itself, its landscapes and monuments also become the object of tourism. Togliatti located on the bank of Kuybyshev Reservoir until recently did not use actively its possibilities for water tourism. But the situation does change today. The port is ready to receive guests.

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