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Where to stay?

Togliatti is a city of big opportunities. The more attention it attracts as an industrial, cultural and tourist centre, the more guests and business people visit it. And irrespective of their destiny one thing must he unchangeable and constant: they must get an unforgettable impression of the bospitability of our town. Therefore in Togliatti there are all kinds of objects for accommodation ready to receive guests with high class service level. In Togliatti there are hotels of European level offering service of the highest quality and differing with a wide range of services. So are «Park Hotel», «Sovereign» situated in the picturesque natural spots and at the same time very close to the business centre of Togliatti. Or a part of Wild West «Ran-cho», suitable for business meetings as well. Resides traditional comfortable rooms, halls, sport grounds and restaurants necessary for the guests' comfortable staying, here you can get a wide complex of services providing comfort to business people. That is why it is favourable for holding business meetings, conferences, seminars, famuy and corporative celebrations or just having a rest.

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